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The pedagogical highlights in Casa Luz Nursery and Kindergarten

Children need security, trust and opportunities to try things out and to develope. We would like to offer all of this to the children by continuously adapting CASA LUZ according to the needs of the children.


As early education teachers, we approach each child individually, sensitively and try to create a framework in which they can grow.


In addition to a fixed daily routine that gives the children structure and orientation, we spontaneously and creatively respond to the children's numerous ideas and topics.


The structure of the day includes, for example, common meals as well as morning circle or rest/nap time.

Every day there is a main activity on a variety of topics. The units and topics are covered by our teachers with engaging, hands-on activities. Our special focus is on the areas of trilingualism, multiculturalism, music and emotional develpment through social contacts and conflict management.

Trilingual language training is integrated into everyday life and takes place at all times through the teachers. The children learn the languages ​​through play, as they experience the languages ​​at all times through conversations, stories, songs, explainations, etc.

This happens in the whole group, in small groups or during personal interactions.

The children at Casa Luz are also given the opportunity to train their age-appropriate skills. Our approach for this is to carry out "learning modules" in small groups that only consists of children in the same age group. The objectives of the learning modules are, for example, to improve fine motor skills, language, etc. Each group is guided playfully by one of our teachers. In this way, the children not only learn basic skills, but also to stand by and help others.

Our goal is to create an ideal enviorment to the children to develop.

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