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In our Nursery we take care for 12 children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Here children will first experience being part of a group with other children thier age and learn many basic social rules. Together, they create many different experiences. They make friends and every day they learn new things. 

Alongside motor skills, cognitive, creative-aesthetic, linguistic and social-emotional development areas are also supported. In addition to that, it is particularly important in the first year of a child’s life to promote and encourage independence. This includes eating food independently, beeing able to dress or undress themself or even the transition from wearing nappies to going to the toilet. During the this age, the first social contacts and relationships outside of the family are created. It is for this reason that the way in which children deal with other children and adults is important. Another important goal for the end of this time is to prepare the child for Kindergarten.


In the Kindergarten, the knowledge previously learned in the Nursery, among other things, is deepened. Motor skills are refined, the languages are more precisely learned, and cognitive skills are expanded. Alongside these, new territories are explored and introduced: specific thematic areas, social manners, or even a new type of game in the form of a roleplay, for instance. During this time more social relationships are built, and already existing relationships are reinforced.

The oldest children of the Kindergarten (5 – 6 years) are getting prepared for primary school, while the various areas of development with the necessary basic knowledge are elaborated. The languages are strengthened through rhyming words, picture books and stories. Besides that, mathematical skills are expanded upon in the form of counting or activities involving various geometric shapes. Nevertheless, the children always learn in a playful manner. Becoming familiar with further thematic areas such as nature, the seasons, the universe and dinosaurs etc. is a part of everyday life for the children. To compliment these themes, we go on different field trips.

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