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Our Institution

Multicultural, trilingual, musical, playful

"CASA LUZ" means "light house" in English. The rooms are flooded with light, lovely and child-friendly. It is important to the teachers to give the children a feeling of harmony, security and acceptance. The children's families should also feel at home in Casa Luz. This is crucial for successful cooperation.

We are convinced that we can only develop our full potential if we are love, accepted and encouraged individually.

Multilingualism plays an important role at Casa Luz. Studies have shown that acquiring at least two languages from an early age has positive effects on a person's cognitive abilities and can even prevent the occurrence of alzheimer's and dementia. In order to guarantee the best possible development for the children, we offer German, English and Spanish in our international facility. The respective languages are spoken to the children by native speakers and are incorporated into everyday kindergarten life. As a result, the children develop a feeling for the three languages and at the same time for different cultures at an early age.

In the Casa Luz the children enjoy a family atmosphere. The children are given the space to develop into independent personalities, to rely on their own abilities, to express their opinion, but also to respect others, to listen to others and to relate to them. In this way, we equipped the children for today's complex and multicultural world. Of course, the three languages that we speak also contribute to this.


  • We are recognised by the Schulreferat der Landeshauptstadt München as a trilingual Kindergarten
  • We take care of 37 children in the age between 18 month until they go to school. (Two Groups, Krippe and Kindergarten)
  • We are open Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 17:30 (except on public holidays)
  • We offer half days and full days
  • We have a good ratio of educators to children (average 1:6)
  • In the year before going to school the children can take part in additionally activities and field trips
  • We have a very good atmosphere in the team among the children and with the parents
  • Flexible booking hours, changes are possible each month
  • Organic lunch
  • CASA LUZ is Munich-Schwabing, close to the English garden

Feel free to contact us;
we look forward to meeting you personally!

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