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Conny Hinz

Conny ist the director of Casa Luz and the group leader of our crèche. She grew up in Miesbach, south of Munich. Conny is already a state-recognised child-carer. She completed her Bachelors degree in childhood eductation and has worked since September 2016 in Casa Luz. For her studies, she worked for a year in Spain. She had already discovered her enthusiasm for languages, and learned English, Latin, French during her time at school, and Spanish during her Bachelor studies. Alongside her interest for languages, she has a passion for figure skating. Conny took her first steps on the ice at just three years old.

Pablo Gómez Tapia

Pablo is one of the educators in the crèche. He originally comes from Spain, where he studied primary school teaching. In 2014 he came to Germany in order to work as an Au-pair. Since February 2016 he has worked as an educator in Casa Luz, since he really enjoyed working with children. Pablo’s hobbies are playing guitar, reading, and listening to music. His musical talents are put to use daily in our institution, as he accompanies and encourages the children through songs throughout the day.

Beatriz Sánchez Martín

Beatriz, or Bea for short, was born and grew up in Spain. She trained as an educator there, studied psychotherapy and completed a research-Masters in psychology and education. She gained experience in public and private Kindergartens in Spain, and in February 2016 she came to Germany to work at Casa Luz. She leads the Kindergarten group here and brings her experiences to the children in the form of support and encouragement. She is very creative and uses this talent with pleasure with the children.

Andrea Schormair

The leadership of the pre-school children is taken on by Andrea. She was born and grew up in Munich. As a trained nursing assistant with an additional Montessori Diploma, she prepares our oldest children for primary school in a playful way. She has worked in Casa Luz since September 2015 and nurtures the pre-school children in developing their language, motor skills and mathematics, among other things. In her free time, she likes to keep herself busy with language learning or drawing, but most of all her passions are singing and dancing.

Rose Hobkirk

The English part of our institution is carried out by Rose. She comes originally from England. Currently she studies music there and is only here in Germany for a year abroad, with the goal to gain experience with children and to improve her German. She has worked in Casa Luz since September 2016. Rose imparts her mother tongue in a playful way and meets the needs of all of the children in our institution. For the future she plans to work as a primary school teacher or as an educator. Her hobbies include knitting and playing the bouzouki, an instrument similar to the mandolin.

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