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The Model of Casa Luz Nursery and Kindergarten

Children need security and a fixed routine so that they can grow up. We would like to offer the children this routine. This is through a regulated daily routine, which consists of fixed eating times, a daily morning circle, habits and rituals: for example brushing teeth after lunch or washing hands after a going to the toilet. By doing this, our concept ensures a fixed daily routine for the children and enables them to feel at ease in our establishment.

Every day there is a main activity that follows the weekly theme. In doing so, every educational realm is covered. Our main focuses lie in areas of trilingualism and multiculturalism, music and emotionality in the sense of relationships and conflict.

In addition we offer the children the opportunity to reinforce the three languages through our language project. Three days a week, the morning circle is run by the native speakers only in their native tongue. On the other days, the morning circles are planned and carried out by the respective group supervisors.

As well, the children receive the possibility in which to train their abilities according to their age. Our approach is to group the children together so that they are with children of the same age, and to carry out so-called “Learning modules”. The goals of these learning modules are to improve fine motor skills or the languages for instance. Every group is playfully guided by at least one supervisor and an aide. In this way, the children learn not only basic skills but also to assist and help others.

Our goal is to give our protégés in Casa Luz the ideal environment for their childhood.

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